Coronavirus Positive Thoughts Less is Greater, Greater is Less

Hopefully when this is all over we will not go back to life as we knew it but go forward to a world made much better

God‘s hand is in making ‘what is meant for evil good’ and I see the hand and face of Him in “such a time as this” Not as the perpetrator of this time but as a Kingdom maker.

I was recently touched by the 10 o’clock news on the 27th of March 2020, where probably the last of the homeless in Birmingham left on the streets with no place to self isolate, was gently persuaded by someone identified as an active Christian called Colin Rankin, to go inside What might have been to the Holiday Inn, who had allocated rooms for isolating homeless.

 How can you not be touched when publicly isolated with no one even passing by this man says    ‘even if someone gave me some money now where would I spend it ?”

This news coincided  with a folksinger Ralph McTell who wrote ‘The Streets of London ‘in 1969, a very familiar song, being  moved to write, what he had previously said he would never do and that is to write another verse: 

           This new verse was the moving result:

‘In shop doorways, under bridges, in all our towns and cities

You can glimpse the makeshift bedding from the corner of your eye

Remember what you’re seeing barely hides a human being

We’re all in this together, brother, sister, you and I.’

He was reported to say afterwards a lot of what is unfolding before our eyes is appalling is of biblical proportions and catastrophic, it’s huge and what can one person do? Well a singer song writer with an audience can do a kindness this virus is indiscriminating. Kindness is all we have to offer and in doing so offer support.

I return to my opening words that, hopefully when this is all over we will not return to life as it was but have moved on to better things, in line with Gods Will, such as these homeless people never returning to the streets but being provided for and recognised as Human Beings equally loved by God.

I also see the irony that those Socially isolated are made equals with everyone else!

The topsy turvy truth of God’s  Kingdom .

God’s will is done we are all equal. As we are all equal in His sight. 

I would even go to say also that equally we are all homeless and making our way back home to a Father who loves us equally. 

God recycles he turns trash in to treasure, clay to gold and silver

Two scripture verses which come to mind: 

John 15:12    This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

Matthew 25: 40   “I tell you whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers and sisters you do it for me”

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Positive Thoughts Less is Greater, Greater is Less

  1. Jan, very thought words. I liked the idea that we to are homeless, moving onward to a better place. I read an article the other night, I believe taken in USA, stating how many people were turning to the Bible and on line sermons who are not Christians. Whether we look at our present predicament as Gods judgement or Satan at work, one thing is for sure we know who has the victory. So, along this wobbly path we tread, we all need encouragement, words of wisdom, reminders to keep our eyes focused on Him. Thank you Jan


    1. Thank you Dave for taking the time to feed back your observations. I’m sure God has been preparing us as He sees the beginning to the end. At the very time of need science, discovery and technology offers us the tools to cope. Our progress keeps ahead of our need in so much. The days of judgement have been left in the Old Testament and the days of co-working to ‘Your Kingdom Come’ in the New Covenant. All things good come from God and bad from the enemy. I believe God uses both for good. Nothing is wasted.Nothing is a surprise to an all knowing God and as you so rightly say, He has already had the victory. The greater the bad meant by the enemy the greater the good and blessings God combats it with!


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