CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 4. ( Less is Greater, Greater is less)

CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 4. ( Less is Greater, Greater is less)

This period for isolation in our homes at ‘ such a time as this ‘ is for some of us a well known phenomenon and for others a new challenging experience.

Wanted or not it is a season for us now and can hold such potential and positivity a far cry from the cage or prison it may at first have appeared .

This time can be one of storing up new ideas in preparation for being released.

Cleaning out and refreshing what had become tired, shabby and well used.

A time for re-evaluating.

A time to get rid of the rubbish or what is no longer fit for purpose.

A time to modify new ways forward to progress.

A time to plan a new beginnings.

A time for transformation as individuals, families, work places, the world.

The ripples get wider, on into infinity just as the layers of the bulb above!

When a bulb shoots leaves and flowers appear for a season but unseen, underground, the bulb and the plant’s source of strength, is shrivelling and though remaining as protection, it is of secondary importance now to what the new plant above ground is doing.

Yes, the flower is awe inspiring, beautiful, breath taking but destined for being cut and giving a short period of glamour and pleasure but with a shelf life.

The really amazing thing is that the green, seemingly insignificant, leaves left, unremarked about, now do the real work.

It is they that have the ability to absorb the sun’s energy and manufacture the food to store and develop the new bulb, the potential for the new season.

Even as I write this I sense some of us are recognising in society now how it becomes visibly more apparent to us that some of our greatest and needed are some of the previously overlooked.

Our unrecognised heroes who we now applaud. Some of our most glamorous celebrities, star cultured in society are, yes still appreciated, seen and cherished for the same joy and beauty such as flowers give, but the chasm of the in between value becomes levelled.

We now are more likely to think and say ‘we are all in this together.’

Like a human body, like a plant, no part is greater than another. Every part has its purpose, every part is important.

My original inspiration for the above illustration had nothing at all to do with some of the above thoughts I’ve today shared and one day I will return to share what that was!

For now it suffices to say that just as for the bulb it’s eternal potential has a dependence on the energy source of the sun for me the source, dependency and centre in our ‘ Being ‘is Jesus.

God created each one of us with a purpose which evolves as we travel our life journey through our seasons and reaches its potential. We are each individually and collectively equally loved, equally needed, equally of importance.

We are all in this together now and always

Two scripture verses that come to mind:

‘Forget the former things, Do not dwell in the past. See I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up. Do you not perceive it? I am making a way‘. Isaiah 43 v 18

If anyone is in Christ a new creation has come. The old has gone. The new is here. 2 Cor 5 v 17

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