CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 5 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less)

The world watched, for a second time last night, humanity rightly respecting, applauding and singing praises to those who serve us.

I for one was deeply moved as I shared in this act in our community, as I am sure we’re many.

A reaction deep seated and birthed from the heart not the head or intellect. That place in the heart a place we can learn to trust, sometimes more than the head, for knowing and discerning good and bad, the right way the wrong the crux of a matter, a place to let things linger or to let go, a place always desperate to find the right balance and peace.

Here we are connecting with God’s heart of compassion and love.

I believe that in such a time as this, where people are refocusing on what priorities there are in their lives, God has been preparing us and a great wave of compassion has and will well up and outflow from us as individuals and communities.

This is becoming evident too in the devotion and commitment of all the NHS, Carers and many other Services people fighting against the odds and on the coal face at present. Also in many newly identified key workers, daily being added to by scientists, engineers manufacturers all doing their part to the point of exhaustion and not for themselves but for a greater cause.

We are seeing increasing reports of concern ,generosity and of people seeing a need and stepping up to make provision for it such as those feeding those who are serving us!

The chain of selfless acts of everyone who is being moved to do their part.

All this so often rooted in just love and compassion.

In my illustration today I feel it is God’s hand that touches and squeezes our heart to soften it. To strain out selfish and self seeking impurities.

A hard heart cannot home the love and compassion that God has to offer.

It is my belief too, that it is Jesus and the Holy Spirit who can reside in this softening heart that wants to give and serve and be that small voice to listen to.

Every act of compassion and love comes from Him whether we recognise Him at the time or not He can work through us.

The joy and the peace that we can have comes from knowing it is Him.

Trusting and having faith in Him only and sensing His arms, like the gentle wings of a dove resting upon us and enfolding us.

This is His kingdom on earth. Our servant king still serving each and everyone of us on earth as it is in heaven.

Two scriptures which com to mind“ The Holy Spirit says today if you hear His voice do not harden your hearts”. Psalm 95 v7
‘ Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgive one another just as Christ God forgave you.’ Eph 4 v32

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