CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 8 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less)

Perhaps we in the world, society, have got past a little of the shock that first came with ‘lockdown’ and are adjusting a little to our new mode of functioning and even what Coronavirus is impacting outside.

Perhaps, in our homes now, we have established some sense of new normality in a new schedule and routine.

However, I do feel that we are still feeling some shock and lingering aftermath of the adrenaline known to prepare for panic Fight, Fear and Flight.

We may still be feeling shook up, possibly trembling a little, in a place of instability or even feeling tossed around as in a storm. Now more than ever is a time, not for panicking and running headlong but for being anchored or firmly rooted.

We might recall the story of Jesus asleep in the boat in the storm which was terrifying the disciples. Until He was awoken by them shouting ‘don’t you care?’ You may remember his answer was ‘oh you of little faith’ before He stilled the storm with two words ‘be still’ and it was.

It’s my belief that Jesus was so anchored in His Father that He feared no ill and so was at peace and asleep. A place of rest and peace available to each of us if we are anchored in Jesus and know no danger can upturn us.

The storm now is coronavirus.

Are we feeling assured and anchored because we know God is bigger and in control over us?

Are we joining with Jesus and saying ‘be still’ so that storm quietens and the tide turns and it recedes?

The illustration shows our feet standing firm because we are rooted in Jesus. Strong in our knowledge and trusting that He can anchor us in the storm that nothing can uproot us. Especially if our roots are spread far, mostly unseen but holding us down. Enabled to absorb every bit of water and nourishment to feed and continue to keep us strong.

Rooted in Jesus whatever goes on above ground in the world can effect us but cannot uproot us.

In the darker times we stay rooted in the Truth we saw clearly in the Light and don’t stumble.

Even if we like the visible plant seem thwarted tossed and blown come the Spring time, we will reshoot and flourish often with greater beauty, steadfastness and reach our full potential and be what God destined us to be.

Two scriptures which come to mind:

Plant your roots in Christ and let Him be the foundation for your life. Be strong in your faith just as you were taught.  Col 2 v 7-9
That Christ may dwell in your heart by faith, that you are rooted and grounded in Love.      Eph 3 v 17

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