CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 9 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

A major aspect of such a time as this is that of safety on a personal, family, social, National, global front.

Instructions and advice unfolding alongside the pandemic spread of the Coronavirus following the heels of monitoring symptoms and trends by medics, scientists, governments.

We begin to know in practical more than theoretical terms that

‘ No man is an island’

We are impacted as we impact upon each other and that it is only a unified attempt of everyone playing their part obediently that brings the benefit to themselves and everyone else.

We are discovering a levelling.

Typified in the knowledge of mankind coming from a common source, having basic common needs and dependencies and destined to the inevitable end.

How levelling to realise that the rank and status and ambitions that many of us spend our life aspiring to have little bearing on the outcome at this point in time.

Just as the Coronavirus is no respecter of class or status. Royals, Prime ministers, Celebrities, nobodies, rich, poor, young, old all races and types, good or bad, non are automatically safe all initially can succumb to its invasion.

The facts are that with Medical care, personal care and by exposure and self immunisation most of us survive. In the future with vaccines it becomes increasingly less risky.

Our actions and Personal safety and welfare also affects many others according to what name they call us by: Wife, husband, Mum, Dad, son, daughter, friend, Grandparent relative, Colleague , neighbour, partner we are seeing and realising how connected we all are. How basically we well wish and love so many.

We are all in this together.

It is highlighting togetherness, unity, a oneness, common humanity and hopefully levelling our differences, prejudices, indifferences drawing us deeper into Loving.

The crisis is Enabling us to focus not only on ourselves but to be more aware, to see and care more, using more the eyes of God.

The media can whip up a frenzied fear as it reports the world and rushes on to have solutions and answers before they are available.

God’s way is, in the now, enough for One day at a time, unveil and gaining revelation a step at a time when we are ready or when it is needed.

He sees the whole picture Alpha to Omega while for us it needs to unfold.

Just as I put my faith and trust in God’s wisdom I can see why directives from our government are prescribed slowly.

As time and circumstances move forward it becomes evident some things are not necessary or because of our response or lack of it something else needs to kick in. Watching with wisdom then endorsing the decision making. Our prayers for our decision makers is much needed.

Eliminating and implementing with simplicity actions towards the final diagnosis, remedy and solution one step at a time.

Meanwhile we are being trained in Patience, Forbearance and as Bear Grylls says to. Never Give Up.

The illustration is the hand of God holding the Whole world.

Within the world the redeeming Jesus Christ and following His sacrifice on the cross.

The Spectrum the released power of the Holy Spirit in the world as Jesus incarnate’s existence ends it frees Him to be within each of us supernaturally.

Encapsulated in the whole is the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

May they be with us all evermore. Amen

Two scriptures which come to mind:

‘ For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life ‘
John 3 v 16.

‘ For God did not send His son to condemn the world but in order that the world might be saved through Him. ‘ John 3 v 17

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