CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 10 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less)..

This post falls on Good Friday when I can’t help but reflect upon the helpless, despair the disciples and followers of Jesus must have felt at what they witnessed on that day. Where it seemed all their hopes and expectations were crashing around them. The gravity of where that left them bewildered and questioning why?

However positive we try to be I have to acknowledge that for some that day of despair and gravity has arrived in their personal lives.

I hasten to add though that as of then we now can be encouraged and strengthened in the knowledge of what is to come. As of then Friday was followed by Sunday.

Assured that what happens today will not dictate tomorrow.

What looks terrible today will be restored tomorrow.

We know that for the disciples the day of resurrection followed and the shift in the world to Acts of great wonder.

For us in such a time as this I sense Heaven has heard and God is already moving, a shift to a new horizon.

A time of many turning their eyes and hearts towards Him as there has never been before. A time where His Body is activated into a new relevance and significance, an invigorated role. A time when the world begins to be healed.

A time where we will be clothed in Christ again.

Right now He is slowing us down to prepare for it. A time where we are hungry, thirsty, panting, impatiently waiting in anticipation.

‘What comes in with tears goes out with joy’

The illustration was inspired by what it feels and looks like to be a member of Christ’s body, where we too have to die to the self to be reborn and become a new being in Christ.

Where our body becomes a sacred temple of the Spirit of holiness who lives inside us and our new life is anointed in this gift of new birth.

Christ in us and we in Christ.

Two scriptures which come to mind:

‘ since we are now joined in Christ we have been given the treasures of redemption by His blood. The total cancellation of all our sins all because of His Grace. Eph 1 v7

Every Spiritual blessing in heaven has already been lavished upon us as a Love gift from our wonderful Father. The Father of our Lord Jesus. All because He sees us wrapped in Christ. Eph 1 V 3

2 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 10 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less)..

  1. Good morning from your neighbour Jude xxx Reaching out across our fences and gardens to share love on this Good Friday morning. A day to be still and reflect. I read you words as I sat here tears pouring for my lost boy and your words came to me bringing comfort. Thank you x


    1. So special to me that they bring you comfort in your grief. One of the names given to the Holy Spirit is Comforter and it is my believe that it is He who comforts you. I cherish that the words in my blogs may be the vehicle that He uses to deliver that by. The Holy Spirit living in each of our hearts could only be sent after the incarnate Jesus died and rose again as Jesus Christ. How special too that God is using this Easter time to work another miracle in you!


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