CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 11 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

He is Risen It looked impossible on Friday. It has turned around Easter Sunday!

Change your perspective too.

It looked as if it was the battle of the Romans over the Jews. It was,however, the battle of God against Satan.

Our battle too. Jesus would rather go to hell for us than to heaven without us.

Looking for a safe place, needing a safe place. Is that us now? For the fortunate ones in the world that haven is in our own homes with our own loved ones.

Foremost, as we stem attack from the Corona virus just now, we have heard the constant mantra ‘stay at home.‘

Fearful for our lives and of spreading a virus to our loved ones and overwhelming the NHS and carers, we have obeyed and remain in waiting, expectant for something to evolve.

Locked in their room all those years ago the disciples also waited fearful of being attacked, not by coronavirus but by the Roman seeking Jesus, who had defeated death and had risen!

Peace is a person His name is Jesus.

He bought peace back into their lives when He appeared to them in that Upper room.

They recognised Him when He spoke the word Shalom ( peace ). There was no doubt that he was alive. Not only had they seen Him with their eyes but they recognised Him unmistakably, the person they had been in relationship with before the disaster, who they doubted ever seeing again.

There are those of us who have lost sight of some of their conviction of faith as they question the suffering seen in the world currently. Especially as the sceptics and unbelievers seem to rise up with bays of where is your Jesus now in this? The doubting Thomases also who need to see some evidence before believing and trusting. Those who are feeling abandoned, alone.

Faith does not deny that a problem exists.

It is giving up the right to understand something so much bigger than we can understand and without evidence. Just trusting in and believing. It is in that submission that we find peace beyond understanding. It needs a relationship with Jesus not a fact in a Bible. That can only be when we have met Jesus. He is seeking us out but awaits us to open the door and let Him in . To ask Him in. We are never alone or abandoned.

Peace is to catch our breath as Jesus breathes on us, to inhale and to rest in the atmosphere of heaven which is like life giving Oxygen. The oxygen, we need it to thrive and survive especially in the pollution of this world. Or clutches of coronavirus.

Knowledge and experience of that peace and heaven will enable us to bounce back after attack and be kept safe.

The world behind me, Jesus in front of me.

We can destroy the principality attacking our peace. One Oxygenated breath at a time.

Just as the respirators are destroying the effects of coronavirus and bringing recovery one breath at a time.

The antidote to the coronavirus attack is a vaccine to build up our antibodies.

The antidote for us is Love, to be faithful to Trust in the Lord and take refuge and joy in His word to build up our rest and peace.

Historically it has taken over a year to develop vaccines. With coronavirus, researchers have already got confidence in a quicker success, with our prayers it will be sooner.

A modern day miracle and sign of what God is doing.

The same God who parted the sea to make a way can do the same in this, just as He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The world is not our barometer Jesus is.

The Inspiration for the illustration above was initially to‘put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh’ Rom 13 v 14.

Also that God ‘sees us already wrapped in Jesus‘

A sense of being clothed and covered in the righteousness of Christ.

Again the prism the Holy Spirit bathing us in His Light and separating and protecting us from the sins of our flesh and the world as portrayed written on the sand outside the Prism.

Today I see the greater emphasis of being surrounded, safe and protected untouchable, safe in life and safe in death.

What can touch me if I am clothed in Jesus?

What the enemy meant for harm God uses it for good.

Two scriptures that come to mind

‘ Robe yourselves with virtues of God Since you have been Divinely chose to be Holy. Be merciful, understanding, compassionate to others, gentle, humble, Unoffended, patient.           Col 3 v 12

‘ Every spiritual blessing in heaven has already been lavished upon us as a love gift from our wonderful Father in heaven, the Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, all because He sees us wrapped in Christ ‘ 
Eph 1 v 3 

2 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 11 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

  1. Thank you Jan, a very important Word you have give. A relationship with our Lord and Saviour is first and foremost the greatest thing we can ever do. Even when we’re under attack, Jesus is the One that carries us through these hard times. It may seem as though He has turned His back on us, hidden from His sight, but His love is so great for us that He weeps while holding us close, carrying us through our own personal trials and fears.
    I thank God that He does.
    The painting made me think about the time I was not saved, God could not look at my sins, not until I excepted His Son, His precious Blood, washed and cleansed. No longer are they seen.


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