CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 14 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

Some people are choosing to not watch the news at the moment as it evokes too many negative concerns. Last nights 10.00pm News seemed to be a point in case where the astronomical numbers quoted alongside aspects such as predicted unemployed, benefit claimants, the economy losses, losses to deaths, provision deficiencies in specific areas and so on. All feeding despair and distress.

Hastily I have a need to bring back my scattered senses from such thoughts to recalling words of hope, bring to mind a verse such as:

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41 v 10

To be encouraged. And being empowered to overcome despair by such truth.

As a Christian I can stand firmly on a bedrock of what has been revealed to me along my journey of faith.

My biggest testimony to anyone who has not embarked on the journey as being. In words ‘it is true.‘ In action my steadfastness in a time of crisis, irritation and pressure.

Remembering that the most beautiful and hardest diamond was created under the most pressure in the rock and the largest and most beautiful pearl as the result of greatest irritation in the shell.

It is my belief that God will create such individuals in those He upholds throughout this period of discomfort.

We need His presence and for us to be bearers of His presence in a troubled world such as now.

Coronavirus has put society under great pressure but my belief is many will become stronger and more beautiful when they emerge from the other side of this journey.

Coronavirus has closed our churches but we have opened and spread them into every home! I believe we will emerge with an explosion of joy and unity.

Coronavirus has rocked us as individuals to the core but I believe it has opened many of us to opening our hearts to make a nest, a home for God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit to reside there.

What the enemy meant for harm God uses for good.

The illustration above inspired by the spectrum Light and burning flames of heavens as the Holy Spirit, God’s face blowing His breath and pouring His Living waters into us as the Holy Spirit and the dove of peace making His home as the Holy Spirit in the nest we have prepared in our hearts.

One hand raised in praise, one opened to receive and we on our knees before The Lord.

The two scriptures which come to mind:

Be strengthened with power through His Holy Spirit in your innermost being, so that Jesus May dwell in your heart through faith. Eph 3 v 14

The advocate, the Holy Spirit who ever the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things. John 14 v 26

4 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 14 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

  1. Good morning Jan “Be strengthened with power” this is the spirit that comes to me when I stop and breathe among the trees.  So far grateful for this weather and the opportunity to be outside. I hope all is well with you.Jude x

    Regards Judith Jones


    1. Hi Jude, Indeed a beautiful morning, glad you got your walk this morning and you are enjoying the blessing of blue skies and the peaceful setting we are so fortunate to live within and by. I notice the blossom this year seems to have excelled in beauty and abundance.
      I’m fine thank you, probably see you tonight on our weekly outing to the kerb!! Take care Jan xx


  2. I wasn’t at all sure when I first saw the painting so I quickly went on to read the blog. Once I had read the explanation of the painting, I went back and looked carefully at the painting, although it’s not my cup of tea, but after studying the images closely I realised how clever they were but most importantly the lone figure was not alone, far from it, being so blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit and accepting the love of God. We can be in a crowd yet lonely but when are alone and spend time opening your heart to Him, you are never by yourself, you become part of His believing praying community.
    I was reading the psalms (not all of them!) last night in particular psalm 22, it starts with cries of anguish but ends with praise, which made me think of how you started this blog, but then the Word of God brings hope to us, a deep realisation of the need of the creator of this world, the one who is in control of all, even if at times we wobble and stumble, all we need to do is hold up our hands in praise and worship to Him and give Him our hearts.


    1. Dave it is so interesting seeing my illustrations through your eyes as of course I am blinded by my own inspiration! It is revealing too that the written blog does seem to point the idea and give birth to the interpretation. Your additional thoughts are valuable , thank you.


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