CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 15 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

I get the sense that as the reports tell us the coronavirus statistics have reached the peak and the levelling is at last in sight there is, for us, an eagerness to come down the other side of the crisis with a hope to find life less restricted and a chance to regain some normality.

I also sense that the the pandemics has brought with it a peaking of people feeling fragile and vulnerable in their own well being brought on not by a virus sickness but by a panic at the abnormality of lives for whatever reason.

It’s ok to cry clouds pour out rain when they get too heavy.

For some there is a tangible need to take refuge. I take comfort in the sense that I am held in the palm of God’s hand as He tells us in Isaiah and that He is our refuge in times of trouble as David in particular declares in the Psalms.

In that place we can nestle and rest peacefully.

The recent Good Friday and Gospel knowledge of Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice for each of us reminds us that God is not aloof from us but He knew in advance our needs and provided a way just as He always will.

He is Love and cannot be separated from loving us and seeking our love. The only thing He will not do is force us as love is a choice for us to give it not to be forced into it.

Just as He is always about each of us as individuals, He has always been about building a community together as family, as church as humanity as one together.

How wonderful if we saw more signs of unity as the outcome of this time.

More Not only recognising God’s hand but also Our hands outstretched for our brothers, sisters, neighbours and humanity.

There are signs of Love spreading, of us feeling moved by selfless acts of so many in so many professions and walks of life, from the youngest penning the fliers to offer help to their neighbours to the oldest veterans Captain Tom Moore ceaselessly walking on his zimmer to complete 100 laps of his garden to raise funds for the NHS. And indeed those spectating and being moved to generosity beyond all measure and expectation sponsoring increasing millions of pounds.

How can we not feel emotional, be touched have tears in your eyes as we witness every act of compassion, selfless love towards others.

May we become people who say as in the Christmas Carol.

What can I give Him , All that I am ‘

The illustration shows that we, each as a ‘child of God,‘ can rest in peace knowing that our identity is inscribed there and that He will keep us safe there and be our refuge.

We can sleep through the storm in the knowledge that there is nothing to fear.

Have faith that all will be well.

Two scriptures that come to mind are:

‘ I will hold you always in the palm of my hand.’ Isaiah 41 v 13

‘ God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.’ Psalm 46 v 1

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