CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 16 ( Less is greater, Greater is less )

Let us build a house where all are welcome .

Let us build a world with no divisions Where we Are all together.

Let’s do what we can every day. Do what you can every day.

Not my words but those I remember from Mo Farah and Shawn Mendes on the TV last night in: ‘The world together at home’

Not the program I might normally have been drawn towards watchIng but I believe, as I quickly surfed the channels after the news, I was meant to linger on because although I had probably missed the first quarter of an hour the words of songs, some previously I may have dismissed, took on a new significance for me in the light of our present circumstances and so sharing them they may do so with others.

I was touched by many of the performances and accolades for the NHS Support from so many diverse sources.

Using what was available to be used in one clip, I was even touched by the drummer in the Rolling Stones compilation who Improvised and was playing air drums on oddments obviously in the absence of being able to lay his hands on the real drum kit for the zoom shots.

Reminiscent of Jesus making a feast out of a boys picnic in His time.

What an example of using what you have got and letting it serve its purpose just as it is.

How significant for each of us being called to just be and give what we have to give and it being part of our purpose in the big picture of life.

Words carefully chosen from Song choices of such as Tom Jones Seemed more poignant in our current times.

‘Give a little, take a little, let your poor heart break a little.

That’s the story of Love,’

‘Laugh a little let the grey clouds roll on by‘.

when the world is through with us,

That’s the story of that’s the glory of love‘.

Jennifer Lopez reminding us in her song of how much we all need each other as we miss connection in our isolation or we look to those who are serving us right now in whatever capacity.

‘People who need people ‘

Sam Smith and John Legend singing

‘ when the night has come, I won’t be afraid…. Stand by me.‘

The Reporting of Fergus Walsh on medical news stating how harrowing, humbling and haunting, the alliteration and almost onomatopoeic sigh of those words epitomising much of what we see of this.

His drawing of our attention to where there are no easy options and the fine balance of health and economy is being juggled in the air.

Another topically haunting song by Billy Joe Armstrong with lyrics that some,who are in more desperation for this time to be past, will identify with.

‘ Summer comes

wake me up when September ends…

Summer has come and past

the innocent can never last.’

Michael Buble’s. ‘God only knows‘ Elton John’s ‘ I’m still standing’

Creative people catching hold of wisps of visions of truth about now.

The words of many but eloquently expressed with those of Dr. Tendros Andhsanon Ghebreyesus as he spoke of Coronavirus.

‘It has taken so much, too much to record as we mourne the losses we salute the heroes and say we will not be defeated.We have a unique opportunity to set aside differences, break down barriers, lift voices for the well being and health for all and to never let this happen again.‘

Poignant words as Taylor Swift had penned a song called ‘You’ll get better.’ With the sentiments that haunt us all at the moment In her lyrics

‘Get better soon .

Hate to make it all about me.

What will I do if there is no you? ‘

Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, John legend and Andre Bocelli Collaboratively singing ‘let this be our prayer’

Ending with a song and reminder of words that could be from God at this time

‘ When the rain is blowing in your face ….to make you feel My Love’ the ever present God right by our side sharing our every step.

For anyone who did not view this on BBC last night I hope this doesn’t seem too disjointed but it did seem to encapsulate times as they are right now to me.

I believe we are entering a time where the Holy Spirit will speak to us in many unexpected ways in His response to answering those who are crying out for answers and to those who are unashamedly being more honest and open about their faith and spirituality.

The illustration I have used is that portraying God reaching out to us with His Love. The one being reached and rescued being any one of us, for our identity as: ‘I am a child of God.‘

The cross and all it signifies testimony to that Love. The sacrifice of the Father giving His only son.The obedience of the Son becoming the sacrificial lamb and the releasing of the Holy Spirit to reside in our hearts.

Two scriptures that come to mind :

‘ No man can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them ‘. John 6 v 44

‘Christ with no sin the atonement for man’s sin.’ Rom 3 v 25

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