CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 19 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less)

We are designed to Connect to one another, to God, within the Universe. We were not created to be alone. This is partially why we are finding our current situation so alien and, yes, difficult on many scores.

There seem to be two anomalies. The one where being disconnected to neighbours, relatives, colleagues our usual haunts etc we feel as if all the plugs have been pulled such as one might administer to a rebelling adolescent as a form of punishment intended to reinstate some obedience and compliance! If we regard it in this light we might also be tempted to bemoan injustices Etc and bemoan our plight.

The second anomaly, however, I favour as being one in which I can focus on some value. That is if I View this disconnection in the light of Rebooting as one does in the world of technology. A term used to pull out the plug, the connection for three minutes only and then reconnect the plug and allow the appliance to restart.

This process has the advantageous result of cleansing, defragging and renewing, revitalising, speeding up, clearing something that had become impaired, ineffective, polluted, slowed ineffective and under par or indeed non functional.

That concept relative to mankind and creation takes on a whole new thought process. Already our news reports would suggest so many environmental advantages being measurable in air quality and atmosphere. Cleaner and more oxygenated for breathing and living in. Clearer in visibility immediately in front of us and in the heavens. Creation is abounding and flourishing in blossoms and bird song in fish and creatures in canals, streams, rivers and open waters. The murky waters of Venice resplendently clearand reflecting their beautiful city buildings in it like a mirror. In all aspects of our aquatic, botanical and zoological kingdoms. The human population seeing and being in a transforming, less polluted world.

For mankind we have observed diverse results of unplugging and rebooting but to major on those beneficial there has been the sense of pressure being released for some busy lives and in the rebooting a time to build up some dwindling reserves of energy and frustration.

A time to reconnect with close family or partners and relationships which in business can become tired, fragmented and wilting.

In the enforced staying at home it too can have benefitted from some t.l.c. and become more valued as a haven.

The need to be getting therapy from retail shopping and external socialising being substituted for simple, homely and more healthy sources.

It’s almost like God has invited us back into the garden to walk a while with Him and He with us to become realigned and transformed and ready to take on a new era.

Corona means crown, have we become Pride filled people who think we have it all controlled and are in control. This period reminds us perhaps of how little real control we do have over certain things and we look anew to who has. Maybe as in the words of a Matt Redman song

We fall down. We lay our crowns At the feet of Jesus.

The love of God is strong now for His people as He calls us higher and we have time to reposition ourselves to recognise what is important in life not what is fake and transitory.

Recognise Love. The world’s needs, creations needs, our needs and to become better custodians of them all in this universe.

Labour pains are painfully unbearable but herald a birth of something priceless and beautiful.

Maybe this period and it’s hardships herald the birth of a new era in the garden where we will again walk in the presence. Where heaven meets earth.

The illustration needs little explanation.

Rebooting needing the pulling out of the plug. The Spectrum of wave lengths remain as always whether we are plugged in or not just as the Holy Spirit is ever present whether switched on or tuned into or not.

The reconnection of the plug will restart without loosing any of what the RAM stored that is good but the connection will be cleansed and fit for purpose.

Repent of all that is wrong as you pull out the plug. Be refilled with the Holy Spirit as you reconnect.

Two scriptures which come to mind are :

‘Do not be conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what it is that is good and acceptable and perfect with God. ‘ Romans 12v 2

‘ For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn it but in order that the world might be saved through Him .’ John 3 v 17,

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