CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 20 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less. )

I have to confess that there has not been a day over the last few weeks that I have not shed a tear. No, I am absolutely fine and no need for concern at all. They are the tears that are a blessing because I recognise who prompts them.

Sadly I recognise that for some at this time, however, their tears may be deep and from a place of pain for whatever reason.

I just want to encourage any such person that what seems like a time, that is hard to navigate for whatever reason, will come to an end and life will go on. In hind sight, one day, some may be able to see that something of value has been gained from something that was so unwanted and painful at the time.

Going back to my opening paragraph of saying what seems so contradictory, tears as a blessing!

I can only explain by my personal testimony of experiences that have spanned many years now but which stemmed from a time when I personally had tears of woe to shed.

We all do have such seasons in our lives for differing reasons along our journey.

Such times often propel us into a period of doing a lot of soul searching and reaching out for reasons and answers far beyond what first instigated this period.

It may be today’s season, for some, is such a time as this.

That period, for me, was one where I experienced a frequent welling up from deep within and sometimes at what seemed unrelated times, a brimming over of tears for what seemed no reason. Seemed unwanted and embarrassing.

I do recall even thinking to myself what is the matter with me am I going a bit mad?

It wasn’t until it was followed at a later date by similar senses, when I first consciously encountered the Holy Spirit, I recognised the same promptings and could place them as far from going mad but as a blessing. A preparation for discovery. The Holy Spirit, Jesus, speaks to us in many different ways and He has patience and persistence to keep on until we recognise Him.

I at that time learnt to cherish that welling from within or rogue tear in my heart or eye as a blessing because it directed me to take notice as to what had caused its onset.

What He was saying or showing me.

It may have been words in a song, hymn, prayer or scripture. Some thing some one said or did, a circumstance, experienced or compassion for something seen on TV.

Once recognised for what it was it always had significance. The onset of a relationship where I could ask what are you saying and be enlightened.

How precious to have Him share His heart with me and hence I say a blessing and a beginning of a relationship which has increasing importance and developments. The closest to describe it is like tuning into a wave length on a device that you previously had no knowledge of. This is available to everyone not just me.

He speaks now in so many other ways too but I had learnt to recognise it initially in this simple way at that significant time. Now I know I am not the only one with such experiences of discovery and so you might well be asking?

Why am I going on so about this, something which you might say is personal and only relevant to me?

Basically because I sense there are many more people now soul searching and who are perhaps hungry for answers to spiritual needs, they are feeling the promptings of the Holy Spirit in a similar way.

Only because I sense there will at this present time be more people who Jesus wants to come alongside.

Who are being prompted and not yet recognising the signs.

We think it is us who seek God and indeed it is wise to do so but it is also Him seeking us.

God finds us first. To the point of leaving the 99 to search for the 1 to add to His flock. Maybe you are that one today.

Tears can be Holy tears and a blessing.

The illustration bears the words Love one another as I have loved you. One of Jesus commands of the New covenant in the New Testament. The portrait of the one who, as in James, looks at himself in a mirror and realises that as soon as you walk away you can no longer be seen.

Therefore becomes aware of the need to keep your eyes on God whose image remains for ever.

To be sought after and followed.

The Invisible God revealing Himself in our Holy tears.

Capable of bringing peace and joy beyond all understanding.

Two scriptures that come to mind are :

‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ John 13 v 34

‘When the Father sends the Advocate as my representative, that is The Holy Spirit, He will teach you everything I have told you.’John 14 v 26.

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