CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 23 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less )

Recently we have frequently heard, in the media and for me elsewhere, the words of ‘the whole world being shaken’ by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

This week in particular we are opening our eye to more and more evidence of the changes that we have to plan for.

It wasn’t, here today and gone tomorrow and just a statistic in a history book for the future.

We are awakening to the realisation that there is a shift afoot in more than one way.

Already it has been documented that interviewed people are, in the majority, no longer wanting many aspects just to return as they were. 90% would say lessons have been or could be learned and just going back to many things as they were would be short sighted.

The most obvious would be how our earth, atmosphere and nature have benefited even in this relatively short time. Those Green policies which would have taken decades to Implement and have evidence of the benefits have short circuited and can immediately be proved to be effective.

Without the excessive travel a difference detected begs the question of whether all that transportation has to be essential and are there other ways?

The beauty and healing of the world.

God has already shown us what to value here?

Humanity, relationships, family values, appreciation of selfless acts of generosity, compassion and care.

Is this evidence of altruism, of barriers and walls being broken down of a levelling in the human race?

God’s love and value for all humanity is equal.

Poverty is being addressed when homes are found for the homeless, food is found for the hungry, clothes found for the needy and finances shared for those without.

Are we beginning to get that there is no need for such poverty and suffering?

Are we being shown the hardships so that we have better understanding of the consequences of greed, not taking fair responsibilities?

God has demonstrated good stewardship and needs for rules to ensure wellbeing.

It is interesting that in the New Testament the word that is used for Healing and Salvation translates as the same word.

God has already provided for both. He has already answered our prayers.

We have to catch up, wake up, in our understanding but we can be assured that He is in control and Love wins.

The illustration is portraying God shaking us just as we sense the world being shaken.

Jesus Christ taking hold of Our shoulders.

Have we fallen asleep spiritually?

It is as if we have not heard His voice and warning that it is time to hear, wake up and act.

He gently shakes each and every one of us. It is time to open our eyes, get into action and make a difference.

God is capable of doing everything on His own at any time but it is His Choice and Will that we should be co- workers in His universe and His harvest field. 
He is not a God of waste but of Grace, multiplication and endless chances.

Two scriptures that come to mind are:

“This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea …Haggai 2 v 6

” And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is Nearer than when we first believed’. Rom13 v 11

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