CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 35 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

We could not be criticised if our thoughts occasionally turned to discontent with the hand of cards this coronavirus has dealt us.

Apart from the knowledge that the game is globally the same one played out at this present time can any advantage come from it?

Can there be a winner?

Only if you take advantage of the hand you hold at the moment. The hand that offers you some space and time to reassess. Time to look for the best way of playing what you have in your possession.

You can only be responsible for your actions and yet they in turn will have the potential to knock on and change the outcome of the game for you and for others.

What looks like a loosing hand can turn round and play out to become the winner’s hand.

Pivotal moments in our life arise when things happen that turn us round completely.

Does the divine hand of God intervene intentionally or is it random?

It is my belief that life is not random.

Much happens for a reason and only a few incidents will cause us to ever pause or Consider. Many will pass by unheralded, unheeded but they have not been by chance like the tossing of a coin or dice might have been.

Are miracles rare or far more frequent than we discern?

I am certain I have witnessed many miracles and my critic would say can you prove it and would also go on to attempt to erase much of the evidence put forward because it is a heart knowledge not a head, intellectual one.

It’s as if we are carried along on a wave of a tune which has a singular melody that we follow and is in our heads and as familiar to us as if it has never not been there.

Then sometimes additional instruments or circumstances are added and the melody is lifted, changed, added to and has the potential to become a beautiful symphony or a discordant cacophony.

For most parts we instinctively lean into the symphonies and try to escape the cacophony but there can be sweet times when we know that a hand has reached over to tweak the discordant into a key of beauty.

Such a time can be the miracle. The answering of prayer. The gift of a vision.The knowledge that the time is right. The knowledge that the trajectory has changed because of prayer, because God has heard, seen and intervened.

That is the music which pulls the heart strings, brings tears to the eyes, goose bumps to the skin and knots in the stomach.

A knowing that you have the privilege of seeing God’s divine hand at work orchestrating a reality that He has ordained.

To God there are no limits, no boundaries only opportunities.

The Illustration portrays the place where the spirit worships and transcends all earthly boundaries. The beautiful presence of Light, sound, wind and love lifting us as if on wings to a place where nothing is impossible where miracles are commonplace, where fatigue, despair, illness and death have no home.

To dwell in the presence of God.

Two scriptures that come to mind are:

“ God will save the world. But a time is coming, and it is already here! Even now the true worshipers are being led by the Spirit to worship the Father according to the truth. These are the ones the Father is seeking to worship him. God is Spirit, and those who worship God must be led by the Spirit to worship him according to the truth.”‭‭John‬ ‭4:23-24‬ ‭CEV‬‬

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”‭‭James‬ ‭4:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

3 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 35 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

  1. Hi Jan Sending love across the fences xx How are you? As I put my little seedlings out this morning to face the day I thought they will harden up today as it is so chilly! I am still like you writing and drawing. Big news this week is my husband secretly bought me an easel so I have returned after many years to painting! I am all set up in my summer house with acrylics and lots of space to make a mess! It is like welcoming an old friend back into my life. I am content painting away with the radio on! Anyway just wanted to send love and say hello! Jude x   

    Regards Judith Jones


    1. Hi Jude. How lovely to hear from you! Also the great news of the summerhouse studio springing into action with the advent of your new easel! How thrilling to as you say find your old friend again. I hope I will be invited to the private viewing!! I still haven’t accessed any more of your art work only your daily blogs. Maybe I am not discovering all yet!
      Take care and enjoy your creativity! Xx


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