CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 40 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

Dance, then, wherever you may be,
I am the Lord of the Dance, said he,
And I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I’ll lead you all in the Dance, said he.

I wonder if God has been utilising our lock down period like a time in the wilderness as a period to bring us clarity and comfort?

Utilising the still and quiet to speak to us without having to scream over the noise and clutter that goes alongside the business of our old lives.

I wonder if any of us will be feeling a sense of sadness at going back to business because we have enjoyed walking arm in arm with the Lord for a while?

Has lockdown been for us Frustrating or have there been aspects of it like a sabbath?

I wonder if we will yearn after as much of what was and is no more or for what’s been gained?

I wonder if what Satan thought he would win over and knock out of the ball park will in fact have failed and with the powers of technology and so forth have successfully continued to flourish?

What has been exposed for sham or for value? What has made us fight back with more conviction?

I sense a wisdom in the lesson of being prepared. Is now the time to ensure our oil is ready for use?

Time to re access lots of things and sort out. Just as we have had the urge to clear out our homes, clean and redecorate is it the time to reassess how well prepared we are in our relationship with God to move forward with Him into the future?

There is a danger when we step back into life of doing so in the ‘same old.‘

We are not that same old we have moved on. God has moved on The Holy Spirit has moved on. We are not the same, the world is not the same.

Is doing things the way we always have our security blanket or is it time to see there are other ways?

There are times when we can sense the Holy Spirit moving and it is time to get out of the way and follow. To not hold back and try to restrain.

God can outpace some of our old habits and lead us to unchartered waters, with no boundaries, scary and exciting.

A place where we can feel alive, empowered by fire in our bellies, be in motion. This is the time to recognise that clinging on too tightly can strangle the Holy Spirit and squeeze breath and life out of Him.

God is sovereign and will overwhelm us to depend on Him and not ourselves.

We can work too hard in our own righteousness and strength and like Martha and the Elder brother of the Prodigal story become disillusioned.

The breath of fresh air comes from continuing to be like the Mary mother of Jesus and Mary sister of Martha and to store in our hearts the words we have heard and ponder upon them. Cherish and keep them safely close.

To continue to rest at the feet of Jesus and cherish His fragrance and peace, to be led by Him is where the Spirit is taking us forward.

Not to hop off this boat onto old familiar territory as if we have not been on a journey of experience and learning.

The illustration shows Jesus, The Holy Spirit dancing and leading us on. Tangibly alive like electric, a power and force that will not be stopped, will not wait, will not be tethered, will not be bound. It still goes on.

Two scriptures that come to mind:

For who knows a person’s thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him? So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. 1 Cor 2 v 11

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

2 Cor 3 v 17

2 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 40 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less).

  1. Thanks Jan, this was my third reading of the blog when I finally got to listen to the Hillsong sound track. It was very moving, tying into your blog wonderfully.
    It is true that this time of isolation and lock down does give us time to read and reflect more, well I do anyhow, it’s a huge bonus!! But I know that normality as we keep calling it must return, the country needs money, we need contact with each other, friends, family, spiritual brothers and sister, God does not want us to live in a bubble. The hard part bit is remembering what we’ve learnt in our quiet times and live them out in the world, to be an example to others, nurture those who have been touched by the Holy Spirit as they seek answers.
    My prayer would be,
    Father release us, let us be free, let us start by falling at your feet, let us not forget, let us be bold to witness in your Name, let us be a beacon for you, let us give you the praise and glory for seeing us through this time.
    There is no I in TEAM, but you will find me in there.
    Falling at His feet, what a place to start, it says that you’ve acknowledged you’re a sinner and need Him, a total submission to our Lord and Saviour.
    Thanks Jan

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