CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS. 41. ( Less is Greater, Greater is less ).

A favourite Christian and contemporary artist of mine Charlie Mackey has drawn and sculpted a beautiful Bronze Prodigal Son which sensitively depicts the son being hugged by the Father. It is included too at the end.

We are all made in the image of God and that image goes also with our mind, body and spirit.

Our God is not one who looks down upon us in our difficulties He is one who shares them with the knowledge of the incarnate God made man who lived on earth as a man Jesus.

An emotional Being. Like us. Who we can cry out to. Who understands.

Awareness of Mental Health has been in focus over the last week. People have shared their experiences of periods in their lives where they have struggled and the liberation of knowing this is not something that only they have experienced but that for many reasons it has been significant for periods of time in the lives of so many.

The recognition sometimes that the symptoms like others in our bodies are sometimes a chemical issue which controlled medically can easily be resolved, it just needs the diagnosis and correct treatment.

Very often the Symptom can be triggered by grief, loss or being overwhelmed by circumstances.

That period of pain can often be helped by sharing. Talking about it, halves a problem.

It is a very true Proverb: A problem shared is a problem halved.

Sometimes it is just presence that is required, to not feel alone. We don’t have all the answers but our presence sharing another’s anguish is required. It is not always necessary to know the words to say in fact we must never be embarrassed to communicate in silence that is fine where words cannot express. It is the sharing.

In times when social distancing was not the case a wordless hug was that presence.

To feel the closeness of the presence of Jesus brings with it great comfort and solace. Why? Because He is not an onlooker with sympathy. He is a sharer with empathy.

He is compassionate and likewise we have a Good Father.

Individuals can suffer grief as can we collectively in such times as these during the pandemic and lockdown.

We don’t all start from the same place. There are those who started the period with a very full bucket of reserved well being, some with only half or a quarter and some with already low reserves.

We are all in the same storm but the boat we are in and our reserves varies in strength and the ride is therefore significantly different. Perhaps why for some the comment of feeling exhausted, even when supposedly doing little is a very real comment.

The fact is that it is us in the here and now in history and this phenomenon. God has each and everyone of us under His wings and in His arms.

He has a purpose for us even in the middle of this.

God is not helpless in the ruins.

New life always follows.

Sunshine always follows rain so don’t worry.

Death never gets the last word life does.

The illustration represents being held closely and tightly by Jesus. Knowing His arms comfort and support.

Two scriptures which come to mind:

‘Our master Lord Jesus has His arms wide open for you ‘. 1 Cor 16 v 23 MSG

“His massive arms are wrapped around you, protecting you. You can run under his covering of majesty and hide. His arms of faithfulness are a shield keeping you from harm.”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭91 v 4

A Bethel song below: ‘One thing Remains‘

Bronzes by Charlie Mackesy

2 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS. 41. ( Less is Greater, Greater is less ).

  1. I like the Charlie Mackesy sculptor, the one receiving the hug looks absolutely lost and exhausted, not an once of energy left, frail arms hang hopelessly down. Yet the one giving the hug has strong powerful arms pulling the poor lost soul in, tight and reassuring. The face looks full of pain, a pain shared, a face of strength that can take all that is thrown at it. Firm strong shoulders and neck muscles, a statue that says, give it to me, I’m strong enough for both of us.
    Jesus can heal the whole world, do immense miracles, but when you’re low and down and out, your knees are week and your arms are feeble, this is all you need, a personal touch, a hug from the one who created the world, your pain is personal to you, it only concerns you, thank God we have a God who is into personal relationships.
    I’ve been there, that place where friends and words last only a fleeting moment, as soon as spoken they are gone, you become lost in the darkness of night with only the deafening echoing sounds of defeat and death chasing you down. BUT it’s not until you admit defeat to Him above and cry out that that hug comes. Situations may not change instantly, no lightening bolt out of the sky, just reassurance that you’re never alone and that it will not be in your strength but in His that make the darkness flee and bring you into the light.
    Jan this was in a period when our life’s were falling apart, debt, depression, despair. I still remember that night, I had tried to strangle Cheryl that day (things were bad, her depression was driving me to the end of…) I drink a lot of beer and wine that night, took lots of pills, what ever was in the house, I never expected to wake up, but I did, how I managed work the next day I will never know. I needed that hug even if at the time I didn’t realise it. Not long after our friends treated us all (cheryl Jon Tori Luke and myself) to a week at New Wine Cheryl went to the foot of the cross at one session, she said it felt as though she had been unburdened and started on a road to recovery from her depression, Jesus sharing her pain, just like the statue, reliving her from taking so much medication, giving her hope and walking with her on her road to recovery.
    So seeing that statue meant a lot.

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    1. Dave the statue is remarkable and every observation you make of it was very intentional in the sculpting and equally in your perception. Your sharing of your personal despair was moving to read and I pray that being reminded of that time has only brought the peace of Gods love to mind not the emotion of the desperation. Nothing to spoil your lovely day.
      How wonderful the treat to visiting New Wine brought you both such blessing and freedom too. What a wonderful God we believe in. His strength and purpose is weaved so intricately throughout our lives making us who we are now.
      The blessings in turn that you have become to others too. Thank you as always for your thoughts. Xx


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