BREAKOUT POSITIVE THOUGHTS. 167 (Less is Greater, Greater is less ).

God inhabits the praise of His people.

If it is our desire to feel close to God and for for Him to come close to us there is no better way than listening to Worship music.

Those of us who like to stay informed so that we know what to pray for can leave a session with the media news tempted to be downcast or filled with fear.

The work of the enemy in the world!

There is no better antidote than to immediately get immersed in listening to worship songs to regain that peace and joy that reflects being in the presence of the Lord.

Once in His presence our outlook is as an overcomer.

Also in that position of closeness prayer becomes easy as we can hand over to Him our worries and burdens and in the exchange receive from Him His peace and assurance knowing that He already has seen the solution.

Any issue whether personal or from the current agenda is an invitation for us to pray.

God hears our prayers and can encourage us to be part of the solution.

He delights that we do not want to tolerate it any more than He does.

The nature of the days ahead call for an increase in His purity, His power and His passion and for us to mirror all three.

In every circumstance we have opportunity to respond to God or react as the world does.

In every circumstance we can only respond to God if we ask the question.

”God what are You doing” and take time to listen to His answer to know.

In some circumstances He may tell us to say “No” in Jesus name because it is attack from the enemy.

In some circumstance He may enlighten our thinking to know a solution because He is in control.

Even Jesus tells us that He does nothing or says nothing but what He hears from the Father.

We model Him aware of the fact that even He declared that “ the son of man can do nothing of himself”.

We need not a human response but a divine response.

When we are aware and conscious of the Lord at all times we live the life of a believer.

A citizen of His kingdom.

God only allows us into a conflict when He has already prepared us for the victory.

The ease and speed of our victory may have dependency on our choices and on how submitted we are.

Sometimes our discouragement can be self inflicted where we give a greater proportion of our time and attention to ourselves or world influences than to Him and those around us.

Take what challenges us to the Lord in prayer.

Christ is in us, the hope the glory.

Our prayer may also be to cultivate a greater awareness of God who is already present in us to equally rest upon us for the world to see.

The illustration shows the lifting and unification of worship.

Where we are lifted high and God bends low to I dwell and rest upon with His Holy Spirit.

Two scriptures that come to mind:

“Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel. In you our fathers trusted; they trusted, and you delivered them.”‭‭Psalm‬ ‭22:3-4‬ ‭ESV‬‬

“Pour out all your worries and stress upon him and leave them there, for he always tenderly cares for you. Be well balanced and always alert, because your enemy, the devil, roams around incessantly, like a roaring lion looking for its prey to devour. Take a decisive stand against him and resist his every attack with strong, vigorous faith. For you know that your believing brothers and sisters around the world are experiencing the same kinds of troubles you endure. And then, after your brief suffering, the God of all loving grace, who has called you to share in his eternal glory in Christ, will personally and powerfully restore you and make you stronger than ever. Yes, he will set you firmly in place and build you up. And he has all the power needed to do this—forever! Amen.”‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:7-11‬ ‭TPT‬‬

The song      Inhabit.        Leeland

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