CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE THOUGHTS 7 ( Less is Greater, Greater is less)

People may read Some parts of these blogs and feel mildly irritated because right now they feel that nobody knows or understands what they Personally are having to cope with in their life.

Losses of dear ones, uncertainties about loved, ones navigating the outside world as they work, or the vulnerability of themselves, or other loved ones as they isolate, finances, business or jobs, what the future holds and many more reasons to cry out from the heart with understandable anguish.

Some are overwhelmed with a need to feel in control again. A feeling of helplessness in spiralling situations. The need for help is great. The need of Help from something and someone bigger than us emerges out of these shadows.

Is this a wake up call to realise we have depended too greatly on ourselves being the be all and end in control and all that the world and others revolve around?

After all we have spent all our lives from infancy developing self independence and promotion and being applauded and admired for it and the success it seems to exemplify.

It may be a long time since some of us recall the Dependency we had on a parent and the security of them being in charge and taking care of responsibilities in our lives giving us freedom and enjoyment in our childhood just ‘to be ‘ without a care.

Indeed, in reality, Individual’s experience of this carefree submission, faith and trust on parents will vary vastly but we can probably dream or imagine what it would be like from a perfect parent with a heart of love, wisdom and compassion.

One who could enfold us in safety and put us first and our world to rights again and take us by the hand along the right path forward or home if we were lost.

For those with faith this is how we trust and submit to God as that perfect Father, to Jesus as that perfect shepherd, teacher and comforter. Not as Historical beings from facts found in the Bible but as those we have a relationship with who know our every need greater than we know it ourselves. Who we can be connected to. Turn to for help.

We say with certainty. I am a child of God not to boast but to survive. We are confident in Their ability to know, be in control and provide for us whether we are at an easy stage in our journey or whether it is difficult and burdensome

Someone who we can cast our burdens on and we trust them to make our way lighter and easier to navigate. Listen to with the ears of our heart to be guided by.

We cry out to Them. This is what we call praying earnestly.

Pray into this Coronavirus season, for ourselves, for our circumstances for our families, for our brothers and sisters, for our homes our jobs our fears our world.

Walls can not stop our prayers, God’s favours are greater and fear will bow out as we bow down to the Lord. This is the time we can experience peace and joy again even before we have seen a change happen it’s because we expect it and it will be.

Faith can move mountains.

God turns what the enemy meant for evil into good and from it lavishes even more blessings. He has already defeated the enemy and will continue to do so.,

My illustration above was inspired by the faith that when we, as ‘a child of God’, pray and touch the heart of Jesus, He raises His hand and it is done at His command.

That Jesus weeps with us in our suffering and puts His arm around us to comfort and uphold.

Although Jesus, since the resurrection and transfiguration and now in heaven, wears the Kings Crown of our Kingdom, I have shown the servant crown of thorns placed on Him as the Prince of Peace at His Crucifixion.

It is my belief that He continues to serve us as well as rule His Kingdom.

Pray as if your life depends up it and believe it to be done.

Two scripture verses which come to mind :

‘ Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me ‘ John 14 v 1

‘ Moved with compassion Jesus reached out and touched him’. Mark. 1 v 41

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